Preparing for Winter with Kids with Baby Sneakers and Other Necessities

Yes, winter Baby Sneakers are a thing. The winter months are fast approaching and for parents with small kids, toddlers, and babies, preparing for winter means having the right baby sneakers, winter boots, winter sweaters and all the other things the kids will need to keep warm. It also means making the right preparation for other things such as winter activities, having the right kinds of food and groceries in the house etc. Below I discuss the different ways that parents and guardians can prepare for the winter months.

Baby Sneakers: Having the Right Winter Gear

For winter you have to have the right gear. The right kind of shoes, sweaters, tights, scarfs and snow boots. Having winter clothes are a must as they help kid kids warm and comfortable. The best strategy is to get all the winter clothes and gear you’ll need before the winter months begin. Have your kids try on their old clothes and shoes to make sure they still fit and get new ones ready before it gets cold. When you prepare ahead, you can address any issues that may come up like broken zips, missing buttons, or hidden stains.

Create a Winter Schedule

Just like in the summer (and every other season) kids want to have fun, play and be stimulated with activities and fun games. But unlike the summer months, winter activities are not as common and easily available. Creating a schedule will help you plan ahead and make sure there is enough fun stuff to do in the winter. The first step to making a winter schedule for the kids is to research all the winter events, activities, and scenes going on in your city and in your neighborhood. Find out how much they cost and which ones are free. Some winter activities that you can find in your community are ice skating, indoor museums, indoor aquariums, winter plays, Christmas carol performances, winter sports etc.

Stay In Snuggle In

As much as winter activities can be fun, winter is also a good time to stay in and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or warm apple cider. Plan some weekends as weekends to sleep and stay under the covers till midday. You could also plan movie nights with the whole family or plan home family activities like baking cookies together or trying new winter recipes. Even if have an activity planned, its ok to be spontaneous and do something instead. Also, keep in mind that some days might be too cold to go out and it’s better to stay indoors.

In addition, due to daylight savings time change, you might need to adjust bedtime time and waking up times. It is also important to schedule some alone time for yourself during the winter months in order to avoid burnout. Plan some activities for the kids that keep them occupied and not in need of too much supervision. Some of these activities are reading time, watching tv, naps, indoor board games. Use this to decompress and do some adult activities or just nap and relax.

Plan a Winter Menu

As it gets colder, you might need to change the diet and menu of your kids. When it’s cold, the body usually starts craving more comfort food and hot food. Switch out the cold soups, sandwiches, and salads for hot winter soups, paninis, and hot sandwiches and foods that help keep the body warm. When you go out pack healthy snacks and lost drinks and water to stay hydrated.

Also, plan a winter menu and plan drinks ahead of time so you are always prepared and you don’t have to scramble for things. Stock up on hot chocolate, teas, apple cider, winter snack, ingredients for soups, hot pockets, microwavable snacks, popcorn for movie nights, etc. Also, stock up on wine and other cocktails and drinks for the adults in the house and for when you have guests come over.

Get the House Winter Ready

You might also need to make some changes around the house to make it more winter ready. Add more throws to the couch in the living room, bring out the duvets and thick blankets for all the rooms and add carpets to cold floors and hallways. If you are in an area that snows a lot, get your snow equipment ready such as snow shovels, windscreen scrappers, snow gloves and snow boots etc. Also if you will not be shoveling snow yourself, book your snow shoveling service ahead of time.

Don’t wait till it snows to call them as they might be overbooked or busy and then you are left stranded. Check your heater and make sure it is working properly. Change out the vents and do a complete check-up of your ventilation system of the house. Go room to room and make sure the heating is right and there are no weird noises or broken meters.